2017 solar eclipse wows spectators in west Kentucky

08/21/2017 01:07 PM

SOUTH UNION – The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science put an exclamation point on their tenth anniversary weekend by holding a solar eclipse festival at the South Union Shaker Village on Monday and all in attendance left in amazement at what they had witnessed.

The totality at that location was just over two minutes and when it was complete, pretty much all who were in attendance, like Gatton junior Sasha Sairhaeev, were in awe and what they saw.

“Still, even though this happened a few minutes ago, it’s still emotionally affected, it’s the whole ambiance, the eeriness of the night, the entire experience was just surreal,” Sairhaeev said. “The moment when we saw the corona come by, the beauty of the ring, it’s just a breathtaking experience.”

Sarahyaa Coub was quick to point out her favorite part of the event.

“I loved the corona, how the ring of light shined through and like, that never happens, you never really see it,” Coub said.

The idea of the eclipse festival was the brainchild of Gatton Assistant Director of Academic Services Derrick Strode, who has been planning for the event some two and a half years.

“The light seemed to evaporate in the last couple of minutes, there was just this sense, I mean I’ve never really seen anything like it,” Strode said. “It’s as if the light was vanishing from the top of the sky and it was sensational.”

The next total solar eclipse that can be seen in Kentucky will be on April 8, 2024, with Paducah being the prime location to view the event.

The prime totality location will be in Carbondale, Illinois.


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