19th Senate Dist. candidate Shoemaker, stresses diversity and calls for election reforms

05/07/2012 04:08 PM

(First in a series on the 19th Senate District primary) — Amy Shoemaker, one of the four Democrats running to replace Louisville Sen. Tim Shaughnessy, wants to see shifts in who makes up the legislature and how lawmakers are elected.

Shoemaker, a lawyer for the University of Louisville, has highlighted how just six of the current 38 state senators are women. And as she campaigns on a shoe-string budget of $14,600, she also is pushing for campaign finance reforms. (See interview below)

Shoemaker is one of four Democrats running to replace Shaughnessey – who decided not to seek a seventh term. And with no Republicans running in the race the winner of the May 22nd primary is all but assured of being the next state senator.

Of the four candidates, Shoemaker has raised the least amount of campaign funds and has collected about 12 percent of what her fellow candidate, Morgan McGarvey, has raised.

Shoemaker, last week, suggested a new way of running elections called the “Kentucky Clean Elections Act” in which state legislative candidates would raise $5 from at least 220 individuals in the district for which they’re running. Candidates also would receive public campaign funding paid for through a 10 percent surcharge on civil penalties and criminal fines.

Shoemaker talked about that plan, as well as state program funding, taxes and charter schools during an interview on Pure Politics:

The 19th state Senate District is one of the most competitive primaries this election year with Shoemaker – who is a lawyer for the University of Louisville facing off against lawyer Morgan McGarvey, golf pro Gary Demling, and environmental engineer Sarah Lynn Cunningham.

(Programming note: Demling will be featured Tuesday night on Pure Politics, Cunningham on Wednesday night’s edition and McGarvey on Thursday’s program.)


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