19th Senate Dist. candidate Demling tees off on term limits and revamping tax code

05/08/2012 04:04 PM

(Second in a series on the 19th Senate District primary) – Gary Demling, one of four candidates running to replace Louisville Senator Tim Shaughnessey, wants to see senators serve no more than four terms and plans to push for “revenue neutral” changes to Kentucky’s tax code.

Demling, a Louisville golf pro, has been involved in several charities around the Louisville area. This is his first run for office. And with no Republicans running in the race the winner of the May 22nd primary is all but assured of being the next state senator.

With term limits, Demling said he would limit himself to four terms if elected to state Senate.

So far Demling has $23,270 in campaign coffers for this primary. Demling said even if challengers Sarah Lynn Cunningham, Amy Shoemaker, and Demling combined their campaign funds they would still not have raised enough to compete financially with challenger Morgan McGarvey, “Is it a fair playing field? Not financially. No,” Demling said (at 1:37 in the interview below).

Demling said he would like to see the law changes so that lawmakers wouldn’t receive pay during a special session when legislators fail to do their jobs during the regular session.

And Demilng says he would support a change to the tax system as long as the cuts are revenue neutral. “I think it has to be revenue neutral right now, because we don’t know what we’re in store for in the future, but we need to allocate that money to education.” Demling said at 6:35.

The 19th state Senate District is one of the most competitive primaries this election year with Demling – who is a golf pro is facing off against lawyer Morgan McGarvey, University of Louisville lawyer Amy Shoemaker, and environmental engineer Sarah Lynn Cunningham.

(Programming note: Cunningham will be featured Wednesday night on Pure Politics, and McGarvey on Thursday’s program. Shoemaker appeared on on Pure Politics Friday.)


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