Welcome Back, Terrence Jones!

05/11/2011 02:52 PM

Last weekend, Kentucky Basketball fans had to say farewell to two key components from their Final Four run, Brandon Knight and DeAndre Liggins. However, the one everybody thought would keep his name in the draft is coming back to Lexington. Terrence Jones announced his return to fans via twitter on Sunday, and now the question on everybody’s mind is where will he fit in on this new team full of superstar freshman?

With the new guys Coach Calipari has coming to campus in the fall, it’s a wonder if Jones can get enough touches to make an even bigger impact than he did in his freshman season. It makes sense that returning to a team full of hype and high expectations will almost instantly improve one’s draft status… worked for Patrick Patterson, right? Wrong.

I personally believe the two situations are completely different. Patterson was returning after an NIT season to a greatly improved team with a new coach. Jones, on the other hand, will be returning to an improved team in regards to potential, but he is also coming off a Final Four run. Simply just returning won’t solidify a higher draft spot for Terrence Jones. This is something that should make every UK fan happy.

Freshman Anthony Davis and Michael Gilchrist, who play similarly to Jones, will need someone to look up to as a leader. Although both freshmen are talented, who will be the strong inside presence that Kentucky will need at times? Who will guard the other team’s best big man? Who will feel compelled to improve every aspect of his game for next season? The answer is of course, Terrence Jones.

Last season, Jones would show up big some games and hide others. He would play strong and athletic sometimes then follow it up with weak lay-up that got blocked to mid-court. That can’t happen in the 2011-2012 season.

This season, Jones will not only have to be a physical leader but a vocal one as well. If he spends the summer sharpening every aspect of his skill set, adds a right hand to his game, and makes a conscious effort to join Darius Miller as leader of the team, Terrence Jones will be a driving force to team that has a definite shot to bring home National Championship #8 to Kentucky.

Fans should be welcoming him back with open arms.


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