KSTV, Kentucky recruits dominate ESPN rankings, and the non-conference schedule was released. It’s Wednesday night’s round up!

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Wednesday Night Roundup: Uncle Julius interview, Mock Draft, Joker's latest Photoshop

05/01/2013 05:25 PM

Uncle Julius sits down with KSTV

After Nerlens Noel went down with an A-C-L tear, Uncle Julius was the glue that held the team together. The Wright State transfer was only a Wildcat for one year, but he captured Big Blue Nation’s heart with his will to win and leadership.

We sat down with Julius to talk about his one year as a Wildcat, what the future looks like, and how fatherhood has changed him. Here’s a preview of tonight’s interview.

Final Recruit Rankings For Class of 2013

ESPN released its final ranking of the 2013 recruiting class, and half of the top ten recruits will be suiting up for the Wildcats next season.

Julius Randle was the top Cat, coming in at No. 3, followed by Andrew Harrison at No. 5. Finishing out the top ten was Dakari Johnson, James, Young, and Aaron Harrison at 7, 8, and 9 respectively. Finally, Marcus Lee ranked 25th. Still uncommitted Andrew Wiggins held onto the No. 1 spot.

It may be a broken record at this point, but I love listening to it. Kentucky’s team next year is going to be off-the-charts talented.

Non-Conference Schedule Released

Speaking of next year, UK released their non-conference schedule today. Here is the schedule but to sum it all up, there are going to be a ton of opportunities for Big Blue Nation to see the Wildcats dominate opponents next year in Rupp Arena.

CBS Sports Mock Draft

The NBA draft is a little under two months away, but it looks like Archie Goodwin may be getting a boost. Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports has Nerlens Noel going number one and Archie Goodwin going 17th to the Atlanta Hawks.

On Noel, Goodman wrote, “He’s coming off the knee injury, but with modern technology the way it is, the 6-foot-10 big man will be back to full strength soon. He’ll give some team a game-changer on the defensive end with his ability to block and alter shots.”

Goodman wrote of Archie, “[He] looked lost at times this past season, but also had a difficult adjustment. Played without a point guard, and was even forced to having to run the team early in the season. Goodwin is athletic and can become a competent scorer in the NBA in due time.”

There’s still plenty of time and workouts left for Archie to climb into the lottery. To see the full mock draft from Jeff Goodman, click here.

Evan Daniels Recruiting Update

One of the hot topics we talked to Evan Daniels of FOX Sports about was Jayson Tatum, the freshman that John Calipari reportedly offered a scholarship to this week. Evan told us offering high school players this young is a calculated risk by coaches, but it’s also an increasing trend.

Check back tomorrow for the full recruiting update.

Culture Of Entitlement?

ESPN’s Dave Telep said he thinks high school and college basketball players are more entitled these days. He wrote on the ESPN website, “Having covered recruiting since 1997, I’ve witnessed a gradual decline in the attitudes of the players, the priorities of their parents and the overall state of the game.”

Last season, Morehead State coach Sean Woods said he thought the Kentucky players were entitled but quickly backtracked. This perception about a culture of entitlement among high school and college basketball players is apparently popular with some, but I just don’t get that feeling. I do think a lot of top prospects are thinking about their future and are on a fast track to the NBA, but that doesn’t necessarily lead to entitlement.

I was at the Ronald McDonald House when the All-Americans spent their Easter morning decorating cookies, playing video games, and hunting eggs with children and families who are affected by serious illnesses. Every high school player we talked to said they were so blessed and happy to be giving back. Aaron Harrison lifted up a child so he could hide an egg in a super high spot on a lamp, and one five-year-old even asked Andrew Wiggins what his name was. Wiggins simply said, “Andrew.” There was no ego or entitlement that day with any of the All-Americans.

Joker’s Latest Photoshop

It seems like we can’t go more than a week without another Photoshop masterpiece from Joker Phillips and the Florida media department. This one is somewhat newsworthy, since the Kentucky Derby is coming up this weekend, and at least it doesn’t involve creepy Joker pictures or outdated arcade game references.

Now, I’m still somewhat new to Kentucky and this is my first Derby, but a couple of astute KSTV fans pointed that you’re only allowed up to 18 characters when naming a thoroughbred horse and you can’t include hashtags. Thanks @TheBradMorgan and @ABCHESSER for those tips!

That Awkward Moment When…

…John Calipari sees you putting on make up. KSTV host Thomas Beisner had that moment when he was on the UK campus getting ready for his interview with Julius Mays.

Don’t be ashamed! Not everyone can pull off the Casual Cal look on television. Some of us take a little extra primping. And anyway, you already put make up in a KSTV commercial, remember?

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