WCS changed his name, so we did the same for the returning Wildcats

05/05/2015 05:20 PM

We all know him as Willie Cauley-Stein, but until last weekend, that wasn’t the basketballer’s legal name.

The First-Team All-American was born “Willie Durmond Cauley Jr.”, but he added the hyphenated “Stein” to his last name when he arrived at Kentucky to honor his mother, Marlene Stein, playing with the name “Willie Cauley-Stein.”

Willie filed paperwork over the weekend to legally make “Cauley-Stein” his last name, but he decided that wasn’t enough, adding “Trill” as a middle name as well.

So, the newly-minted legal name is now “Willie Trill Cauley-Stein.”

Are you still with us?

Marlene says “Trill” is the “nickname his boys call him,” but it wasn’t a pre-planned addition. Willie just decided to tack it on when he got to the courthouse, because why not?

Whatever his name, Willie’s never lacked a unique personality.

In honor of “Trill’s” new identity, we thought it was only far to do the same for some of his former teammates.

So, here you go: new middle names for the six returning Wildcats, as chosen by KSTV.


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