Visiting Antoine Walker's High School in Chicago

04/19/2017 08:00 PM

“Still see a lot of guys do that and actually, you know what? Because I coach at Mount Carmel, my little boy who is eight, he’ll watch some of his old videos and he’ll try to do a little, you know, shoulder shake as well too.”

According to the head coach of the Mount Carmel High School Varsity Team, the Antoine Walker shimmy is still alive and well on Chicago’s south side. Walker is famous for a number of things, his shimmy celebration was just one of them. At Mount Carmel that shimmy was born and really, so was the player behind it.

“Antoine would come in and run a camp, a free camp, for kids in the neighborhood or wherever and it was just an unbelievable experience. I mean, at the time Adidas was a sponsor and they came in, really did it up right. I mean, really unbelievable, beautiful banners and it said ‘Toine’s Camp’ or ‘Adidas’. It was a really good experience and I noticed right away when I met him that he had a special affection towards kids and he was great with the kids working with them,” Seagroves said.

Everyone at Mount Carmel remembers where they were the first time they saw Walker play.

“We have an alumni gym, which he played in, actually,” Seagroves told Spectrum News. “It actually seated about 600 people and there would sometimes be 1,500 people in there watching him play and one memorable game, is when he scored 40 plus points against a Catholic League Rival, against Saint Martin. It was unbelievable and that was really the first time I saw Antoine Walker play. I think that was his sophomore, junior year in high school.”

And for the football fans, Walker’s high school basketball teammate is a name that might ring a bell.

“Antoine was definitely the leader of that team, you know, being all-state but he had a teammate, Donovan McNabb, who went on and had a great career, not only at Syracuse but the Philadelphia Eagles,” Seagroves added.

Walker gained fame and notoriety for appearing in the ESPN 30 for 30 “Broke”. He filed bankruptcy after his playing days and encountered some legal trouble as well. He has now turned his career back around, working in broadcast for the SEC Network. Coach Seagroves thinks there is something to be learned from both Walker’s highs as well as his lows.

“What a man to when you’re knocked down, to get up and dust yourself off and that’s exactly what Antoine’s done. Again, I think that’s a big part of him being a south side guy. You know what I mean? You hear about the south side of Chicago, mean and tough and he was a tough kid. He had a great family and a lot of love, but you know, I think a lot of things he learned at Mount Carmel helped him get up and dust himself off and move forward.”

This past basketball season, his former team named their MVP award after Walker. Seagroves hopes his players look to Antoine Walker for inspiration in their own lives to show them that being from the south side of Chicago, you can achieve great heights.

“I mean, how much higher can the bar be set? You know, he’s just like us,” Seagroves explained. “He’s a south side kid. He’s a Mount Carmel guy. He became a Mount Carmel man. He went on and played you know, if not the best university then one of the top universities in the country and then he goes on and has an unbelievable NBA career. Of course our kids want to immolate that and be like him.”

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