Our Boy Eloy!

08/26/2011 08:31 AM

After two scrimmages in Kentucky and a short trip to South America, Eloy Vargas’ stint with the Dominican Republic National Team came to an end. He will be headed back to Lexington to prepare for, what looks like, an incredible season at Kentucky.

At first glance, it would seem awkward that Eloy is getting cut by a coach that he will inevitably be getting coached by again very soon. The meeting between he and Coach Cal seems like it would have to be uncomfortable for both parties. However, in my opinion, I don’t think any of it was all that awkward.

First of all, Coach Cal is a smooth talking guy that could make you feel like you won the lottery the whole time he was cutting you from the roster. Secondly, I’m pretty sure Eloy saw the writing on the wall after the first few scrimmages. Lastly, I know for a fact that both Coach Cal and Eloy know that him coming back to Lexington to be with his teammates is the most important thing right now.

Coach Calipari stated on CoachCal.com, “I’ve talked with Eloy and he fully understands the decision. He will be coming home this weekend to prepare for his senior season with his teammates at Kentucky. Eloy has enjoyed a great experience with this Dominican team. He was a really a great teammate and gained valuable experience during his three weeks.”

This says it all!

Eloy Vargas got exactly what he wanted out of his time with the Dominican team. He got a head start on conditioning which is crucial for any athlete, he got to crash the boards repeatedly against Al Horford at practice and pickup games, and I’m pretty sure playing against the Legends of UK didn’t hurt his game any. With everything said, I believe Eloy got experience he very much needed going into a season with so much potential.

I’m happy Eloy is back because I know how much team unity and bonding goes on during this part of the season. The tighter the team is, the more they will accomplish.


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