KSTV’s Mark Krebs was on hand for Kentucky’s pummeling of LSU in Baton Rouge Saturday. He detailed what it was like to spend the afternoon in enemy territory in this week’s edition of “On The Mark”…

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On The Mark: Krebs Discuss Trip To LSU

01/31/2012 08:29 AM

_KSTV’s Mark Krebs was on hand for Kentucky’s pummeling of LSU in Baton Rouge Saturday. He detailed what it was like to spend the afternoon in enemy territory in this week’s edition of “On The Mark”…

It’s one thing being Kentucky and going on the road in the Southeastern Conference, but it’s another thing going on the road as Kentucky when ranked #1 in the country. No surprise here that LSU packed the Pete Maravich Assembly Center for the first and only time this year on Saturday afternoon. The atmosphere was intense, the fans were ridiculous, and Malcolm White is still an idiot. Despite everything LSU did to injure them, the Cats played their best road game of the season and totally destroyed the Tigers. Here’s what I took from being at the game:

- First of all, I couldn’t have asked for better seats -1st row right behind UK’s bench. Sort of a small downgrade from my spot actually on the bench that I’m used to, but I won’t nitpick. Anyway, being that close in an environment like that allowed me to see a few things worth noting. One, of course Coach Cal still yells and is very animated, but he has to be one of the most positive coaches out there. Trust me. Two, this year’s team is HUGE. The TV doesn’t do it justice. And three, this team never got rattled one bit. They communicate well, which will be great come March and April.

- My favorite shot of the game came in the first half when LSU almost tied it up. The place was rocking, and it took Teague’s huge three to quiet the crowd. It was a clutch shot and I’m hoping it sparks something in him moving forward. With that being said, if he keeps shooting the ball on the way down he will ALWAYS come up short. I’m sure the coaches are telling him, but that’s the main problem with his jumper. He needs to release it at the top of his jump.

- Malcolm White should be severely punished and also forced to seek counseling. That foul/mugging on Anthony Davis was ridiculous. I understand emotions get the best of us sometimes, but he was intentionally trying to hurt another player and there’s no room for that in sports.

- Before I start killing the LSU fans, I’d like to very quickly give props to the LSU Student Section. They had a very strong showing. In years passed, you would be hard pressed to find four or five students, but Saturday they had “Erupption zone” numbers. Don’t get me wrong, unlike the LSU Student Section the Erupption zone has a basketball IQ. I’m pretty sure I caught them chanting “air-ball” when they were down 30 in the second half. Lame.

- The three worst fans ever sat in the section next to me. If I saw them out in public, we’d have words for sure. They were very loud, incredibly obnoxious, and unbelievably rude. They didn’t think Malcolm White should’ve gotten a flagrant foul. Seriously? Are kidding me? They also yelled at Anthony Davis as he laid on the floor hurt and booed when he got up. These guys were at least 50 years old. Have some class!

- Lastly, it was obvious that LSU fans thought they finally had something to cheer about since the rough ending of their football season. Unfortunately, the Tiger’s basketball team had just as much trouble getting passed 50 points as the football team did getting passed the 50 yard line. Boom, roasted.

p.s. I’m sorry to all the LSU fans that were kind and reasonable. No hard feelings.

About Mark Krebs

Mark Krebs graduated cum laude from the University of Kentucky in 2010 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and was a three-year letterman in basketball. He proved himself to three different coaches (Smith, Gillispie, and Calipari) in his four years with the Cats and eventually earned a scholarship after three years of being a walk-on. Mark is currently splitting time between his book tour for Beyond a Dream and starring as part-time co-host on KSTV.


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