Landon Young has high expectations for the season, says it's not good enough "until we go undefeated"

07/13/2017 10:28 AM

Sophomore offensive tackle Landon Young has high expectations for himself and the entire Kentucky football team heading into the 2017 season. Our Lyndsey Gough sat down with Young earlier this week to discuss the season ahead:

Q: Last season you guys finally got over the hump and were able to make a bowl game. I’m sure that was a goal you guys discussed. Has there been a goal discussed heading into camp this season, or is it just kind of implied?

A: It’s definitely always implied every single year and you want to get better and better as each year goes. There’s talk here and there about how many wins guys want and other guys want, but the basis of it is that you’ve got to get better off of last year. Seven wins still isn’t good enough for me. It’s not going to be good enough for me until we go undefeated and we may hit that, we may not hit that, but our goal is going into camp that we’re going to work to get that better season.

Q: With guys all finally getting on campus right now, what’s the attitude around the team before camp?

A: There’s definitely still a lot of hype and feeding off of last year, it’s been a big confidence booster for the whole team. And for us being able to feed off of seven wins last year and continue to go into that, that just makes our capacity bigger, makes our work ethic stronger and makes our heart for the game even bigger.

Q: We caught up with Jacob Tamme this week and he was saying that he hopes that Louisville game can really propel you guys into even more success this season. Is that something you all have thought about?

A: I definitely agree with that. I sort of joke with my parents and my family about it, saying that Louisville was really our bowl game. To me, you always got to look forward to the next game, but Louisville was sort of like the highlight game for that season for me being a true freshman playing. And that’s something that I’ve seen us struggle with in year’s past, but being able to really…our cross state rivalry, being able to beat them and take the Governor’s Cup back was quite a good feeling.

Q: For you personally, what are your goals for this season and what do you think you really need to work on in camp to get ready for the season?

A: Really for me it’s just fine-tuning my skills, honing my craft. Being a freshman and being able to play as many snaps as I did, I saw a lot of things that I still need to work on. And especially towards the end of the season, there was still things I need to work on. As I got better throughout the season, there was still a lot of improvement. Those things I can look back at in film now and hear things from other guys on my team that are critiquing me and be able to work on those and just finer-tune my craft. So that, and not only that, also creating a bigger tank, having more of a capacity to be able and go out there. Even though we as an offensive line change, sort of like a platoon system (we have two offensive lines to go in and out), I still need to be able to have that capacity to where if something does happen, I can play as much as coach wants me to and be able to give 100-percent and be at the top of my game every single rep.

Q: You guys went on a bit of a roller-coaster last year. There were definitely ups and downs. What did you learn from that?

A: I learned that you’ve got to keep your head up and you’ve got to keep pushing forward. You can’t let one loss just completely demoralize you through a season. You can’t let one win get your head big. You’ve got to keep on thinking, ‘Okay, this week is a new game. This week is a new game. This week is a new game,’ and you’ve got to face each opponent as an individual opponent and not as a whole season.

Q: Last question, what are you telling the now freshmen headed into camp? How are you going to help them prepare for that? I know it’s a grind.

A: Definitely, and I sort of tell them that there’s nothing you can really do to prepare for this. You can just do the best that you can right now because it’s a new experience. That’s sort of what I encountered when I was a freshman going into my first camp, is that all the older guys would tell me this and tell me that, but really the end-all result is there’s nothing to really prepare you. You just got to go through it, got to grind through it and keep your head up. Listen to the coaches, focus on your craft, recover when you can recover, do what you need to do and you’ll be fine.

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