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KSTV Staff Predictions: Mississippi State at Kentucky

02/27/2013 07:37 AM

Bulldogs are adorable puppies… but these bulldogs are pretty bad at basketball this year. KSTV staff predictions below!

Thomas Beisner

A preview of Mississippi State’s night at Rupp.

Kentucky 74, Mississippi State 48

Mark Krebs

Kentucky needs to start rolling so I might as well predict them to do so — beginning with Mississippi State. The Bulldogs posted a very solid 31 points against Vanderbilt last game. That’s right, 31 points. 31 points! The entire game. Polson, Lanter, Hood, an injured Twany, and Sam Malone could put up more points.

Mississippi State 50, Kentucky 75

Leslie Neeley

UK proved that they can battle out a game against a pretty quality opponent last weekend with Mizzou. This Mississippi State team shouldn’t be a problem…if UK plays like they have the last two games. They need the confidence, versatility, and intensity they’ve been playing with. UK definitely pulls out the win in the second to last game at Rupp.

Mississippi State 52, Kentucky 77

Erin Jentz

The Wildcats passed the big exam worth 50 percent of their final grade when they beat Mizzou at home on Saturday. Now, all they need to do is turn in their homework to get the check mark against Mississippi State. The Bulldogs are bad. Really bad. They have lost 12 straight games and only scored 31 points against Vanderbilt this weekend. Kentucky is trending up and that should not stop. Uncle Julius will get to take a breather on the bench this game. Mays played 39 minutes against Vandy and 44 minutes against Mizzou, because Kentucky needed him on the court. But in this game, Jarrod Polson and Jon Hood will get a lot of playing time in relief of Mays. Alex Poythress and Willie Cauley-Stein will be forces to be reckoned with in the paint, and hopefully, Kyle Wiltjer can get his hand hot before the Cats road trip.

Mississippi State 45, Kentucky 72

Bradley McKee

This game will be boring, because Mississippi State is absolutely terrible. Last week versus Vanderbilt they only score 31 points total! Their RPI is like 242 which is the lowest in NCAA. They only have 8 active players on the roster due to injuries. There is not much I can say about this team or the game. UK should have no problem with this team going on to win big.

Mississippi State 50, Kentucky 75

Radio Ron Chilton

Without a doubt the win over Missouri was the most impressive victory of the season for this year’s young Wildcat squad. Every member of the team contributed in some fashion to an exhilarating overtime victory. Now, if the Cardiac Cats can take care of business down the stretch, even winning 2 of the final 4 games, I think they make it to the “Big Dance.” It starts with the battle against Miss. State on Wednesday. The Bulldogs are having a horrific season so far with only 7 wins against 19 losses and a meager 2-12 record in the SEC. Their 41 point loss to Vanderbilt was even more embarrassing than UK’s 30 point loss to Tennessee. I look for Harrow, Goodwin, Poythress and Willie Cauley-Stein to continue their inspired play, and of course, “Uncle Julius” will provide the leadership for a lop-sided victory for the Wildcats.

Mississippi State 52, Kentucky 75


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