Kentucky has “6th Man of the Year” on Lock

07/01/2011 02:58 PM

We all know Kentucky has Darius Miller, Terrence Jones, and Deron Lamb returning. We also know that those veterans paired with newcomers Anthony Davis, Michael Gilchrist, Marquis Teague, and Kyle Wiltjer, make the Cats a deadly force for opponents. Kentucky has a host of players that not only will be up for SEC honors but National honors as well. 5 or 6 will certainly be on everybody’s radar. Oh, and remember, Kentucky can only start five.
Insane. Right?
In my opinion, the starters will be Teague at the point, Lamb and Miller at the wings, along with Jones and Davis spending time on the block and partaking in the Dribble Drive due to their overwhelming versatility. In my scenario, that leaves Gilchrist coming off the bench.
Are you serious? A potential lottery pick, Freshman of the Year, and All-American being the Cats 6th man? I love it. How many programs can say that?
Fact of the matter is, it doesn’t really matter who comes off the bench to give Kentucky a spark. It could be Lamb or Miller. The funny thing is, all are primed for an incredible year. It will be up to Coach Calipari to see which player thrives giving the team a wave of energy a few minutes into the game.
Having a roster full of talent does so many things for a team, but then again, a lot of teams have talent. However, Kentucky is overflowing with talent teamed up with speed, athleticism, and a good mix of players who just went to the Final-Four.
A team with 6 or 7 guys that can create their own shot, run the floor, and play guard or post make an incredible number of match-up problems. How can someone scout a team where the second guy off the bench could be the leading scorer some nights? I love me a team with weapons because any player could go off on a given night. That’s dangerous, and Kentucky has those weapons.


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