John Calipari's Goals At Age 26: Has He Met Them?

03/01/2013 09:39 AM

John Calipari’s son Brad Tweeted out the picture above, which he says is a list of goals Coach Cal made for himself in 1985 at the age of 26. So how has Calipari done on reaching his goals? Here’s a breakdown:

1. Become A Head Coach By Age 30

Check. Cal was hired by UMass in 1988 at the age of 29.

2. Win A National Championship By The Fifth Year

At Kentucky? Ahead of schedule and moving towards doubling up the goal.

3. Be Family Oriented


4. Be Financially Secure By Age 35

This is how Cal was dressing in 1994.

This is how other coaches were dressing in 1994.

You made it, Coach.

5. Make Others Feel Good.

I’ve enjoyed it.

So have they.

These guys too.

Smiles around.

Still feeling good.

This guy doesn’t need drugs to feel good. Just Cal.

These guys seem to be pretty content.

Don’t worry, this is how she voices approval.

Yep. Everyone’s feeling good right now, Coach.

Well, most everyone.

6. Care About The Kids

Michael approves.

So does DeAndre

And Terrence.

And Josh.

And Twany.

And Anthony.

7. Enjoy, It’s Only A Game!

Nobody’s perfect, Coach.

8. Continue To Grow And Expand The Game

干得好。 and Bien hecho.a>

Thomas Beisner

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