CliffsNotes Of John Calipari's Annual Recruiting Manifesto

07/02/2013 03:52 PM

John Calipari posted his annual recruiting manifesto today on his website. Read the whole thing here, or check out the cliff notes below:

  • “Our core philosophy of helping players reach their dreams never changes, but how we piece that together changes because of who we’re recruiting and what their needs are. If anybody is looking at us and saying, “here’s their blueprint, this is what they’re doing,” they’re chasing windmills.”
  • “If players want to play together, that’s OK, but it must benefit ALL the players. If not, it’s a huge mistake for one or more of those guys.”
  • “The player has to understand to truly reach his potential, he must: 1.) Be on a team that wins and has a chance to win a national championship, 2.) Work beyond his comfort level, and 3.) Be willing to make sacrifices for his team.”
  • “If a program tells you that you’re so good that it doesn’t matter where you go to school, that’s the first school I’m marking off my list. History tells us that it’s just not true. It does matter where you go.

Is Coach Cal’s point about high school players wanting to go to the same college directed at Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones? The duo have publicly and adamantly stated that they want to play college ball together. The two top-ten 2014 recruits still have Kentucky in the running, but Calipari could be hedging his bets. Instead of potentially losing out on both, Coach Cal might be laying the groundwork to land at least one of them.

Calipari emphasizes his usual talking points, sacrifice and hard work, leaving out my favorite and colorful phrase “pooping ice cream.” But his last point about how it truly matters what school you play for figuratively drips of old-school-Coach-Cal swagger. Good to see that confidence in full swing, especially after last season.

Finally, Calipari throws out a Don Quixote reference, which is awesome all-around. His book club must be in overdrive this summer.

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