Coach Cal picked for committee to examine NCAA selection process

06/13/2016 12:59 PM

The National Association of Basketball Coaches announced that John Calipari, among others, will serve on a committee that will examine the NCAA men’s basketball tournament selection system. Coach Cal has never been shy to offer his opinion on the NCAA tournament selection process. After beating Texas A&M in the SEC championship this past season and still receiving a lower, Cal said, “If this is what happens, why are we playing that game? We won the game. A technical [foul] got them a game, and they get a 3-seed, and we got a 4.” Over the coming weeks the committee will work with the NCAA to discuss seeding, selecting and the bracketing process.

Clayton Abernathy

Clayton Abernathy is the producer for KSTV. A recent graduate from the University of Kentucky with a degree in journalism, Clayton covered UK sports throughout his four year college career for various radio and television stations, including an internship with KSTV last summer. He is passionate about UK sports, and loves to apply that passion to his work every day. He loves to eat, run, explore nature, jam with his buddies, and play basketball and golf on the weekends. You can follow Clayton on Twitter @Abernathy_cn2.


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