Calipari wants more fouls called, not "football" on the hardwood

05/28/2015 08:28 PM

DESTIN, FL – It looks like John Calipari won’t be inviting any NCAA officials to dinner any time soon.

The Kentucky basketball head coach made headlines at the Southeastern Conference’s spring meetings on Wednesday, questioning whether or not college referees “have the stomach” to blow the whistle.

When asked whether the NCAA’s new rule changes will improve collegiate basketball — like shortening the shot clock from 35 to 30 seconds — Calipari quipped that none of it will matter if officials aren’t instructed and don’t follow through on calling fouls. 

“The teams that advanced in the NCAA tournament fouled on every possession,” said Naismith Coach of the Year. “And by the end of the year, that’s how we played and basically made it to the Final Four playing football.“

The NCAA men’s basketball rules committee did pass new officiating guidelines last month to decrease physical play and allow greater freedom of movement on offense, but similar rules were added two years ago, only to not be enforced during conference and tournament play.

“Two years ago, we started this and then no one had the stomach for it,” said Calipari. “So then we all — me included — went back to football practice. ‘That’s it. Put helmets on. Let’s go.’ 

“That stuff was a bunch of BS.”

The KSTV crew agreed with John Calipari on Thursday’s show, deciding that in order for the college game to improve, there must be consistency in officiating, even it means limiting physicality.


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