Brandon Stockton Hosts "Shooting Stars Camp" in Green County

05/25/2017 07:30 PM

Former Kentucky basketball player Brandon Stockton, who played under Tubby Smith from 2002-2006, hosted his “Shooting Stars Camp” this week for middle school aged students. He’s been hosting multiple camps a year since he left Kentucky and said that middle school is his favorite age group to work with.

“I’ve always said, you know, the younger you know the fundamentals, the better you’ll be,” Stockton told KSTV. “In high school some of the kids think they know everything, but middle school age and younger you can kind of still mold them, they still kind of look up to you and want to take all the advice they can.”

He is the head boys basketball coach at Glasgow Middle School, his hometown, and an assistant on the high school boys varsity team. Stockton said he always knew he would do camps after his playing days, but never considered getting into coaching during his playing days.

“I didn’t think I’d get into coaching. I always knew I’d probably do player development- that’s probably where I have most of my passion from now, but coaching just kind of happened because Coach Jeff Hall was our coach at Glasgow when I started into the coaching business and he asked me if I would coach and it just kind of grew from there,” Stockton explained.

He’s from Barren County, but this time he opted to host his camp in Green County. Stockton said doing camps in South Central Kentucky is important to him.

“A lot of small areas don’t get camps like this. They don’t get the exposure they need and instead of having to travel three or four hours or you know, to Lexington and Louisville for the big camps, you know, I have the means to actually go 45 minutes up the road and run a camp and be able to help kids and give back,” Stockton said.

Proceeds from the camp are going to an unlikely source- Green County’s varsity boys cross country team. Stockton said he simply saw a need, and tried to do his part to help.

“I was a high school athlete and I know some of the smaller schools, the funds just aren’t really there all the time and you know, they do a lot of fundraising and whatever they can come up with to try to help those teams succeed- you know, these teams want to go out and venture out- outside the state, which is good for them,” Stockton said. “I mean, there’s a lot of talent outside the state and they can compete nationally in whatever they do and travel so we try to help in any way possible.”

He’ll be hosting another camp June 14-16 in Glasgow.

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