2012 Kentucky Sportsman of the Year Ballot: Leslie Neeley

01/11/2013 07:07 PM

cn|2’s Chip Cosby, Thomas Beisner and Leslie Neeley were all asked to vote for the 2012 Kentucky Sportsman of the Year Award, which will be announced Jan. 31, 2013, simultaneously on Kentucky.com and at the second annual Bluegrass Sports Awards Banquet in Lexington. These are their picks.

1. Anthony Davis (University of Kentucky basketball player)

Because c’mon? What hasn’t Anthony Davis won this year? 2012 was officially the year of the unibrow. He racked up every award possible and deserved all of them along with a national championship and an Olympic gold medal. Not bad for a 19 year old and I think it’s clear he deserves to add one more accolade to his resume.

2. John Calipari (University of Kentucky basketball coach)

He finally put the nay-sayers to rest by winning his first national championship and sealing the deal as one of the best college basketball coaches. What impresses me most about Coach Cal is the work he does off the court; he is hands down the best recruiter in the nation and gets the idea of being the “Commonwealth’s ambassador.”

3. Randall Cobb (Green Bay Packers wide receiver)

We called him “Mr. Everything” when we had to give him a lower-third in journalism class. He played with a chip on his shoulder at Kentucky and proved why he belonged with the pros. He made a splash this season with the Packers and made ladies all over the nation weak in the knees with those green eyes that BBN female fans loved from the beginning.

4. Tyson Gay (Olympic sprinter)

Who doesn’t get excited when they see a Lexington native in the most exciting race in the Olympics? Although he didn’t make it to the podium for that one, he grabbed a silver medal in the 4×100. Anyone that hails from the Bluegrass and can run that fast deserves a nod in my book.

5. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (University of Kentucky basketball player)

One of my all-time favorite Wildcats and he was only in Lexington for one year. His face when he was announced as the #2 draft pick said it all. He is a gracious and humble guy, but a beast on the basketball court who helped catapult UK to a national championship.

6. Angel Mccoughtry (WNBA player)

Do you know this girl’s name? You definitely should now. She helped win a gold medal for the women’s basketball team in this summer’s Olympics. Oh yeah, and she is the leading scorer in the WNBA. Not bad for a former Cardinal.

7. Claire Donahue (Olympic swimmer)

She won a gold medal for swimming at the Olympics…can anyone top that on syllabus day class introductions at Western? Enough said.

8. Reese Hoffa (Olympic shotputter)

Again, another Olympian. The pinnacle of sports competition means you belong on my ballot. Got a bronze medal in shot put. I look at the shot put and get tired, so props to Reese for making Louisville proud.

9. Teddy Bridgewater (University of Louisville quarterback)

Led UofL to one of their best football seasons ever. As much as it pains me to put a UofL guy on my list, it would be nuts to leave him on the sideline of this list.

10. James Quick (Trinity High School football player)

With a last name like that, you better adopt athleticism fast….I mean quick. He went against the grain and decided to stay in-state for college and I know UofL was excited to grab this receiver.


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