A fight over privacy rights at the border

07/12/2018 05:03 PM

By Eva McKend WASHINGTON- If you own a smart phone, you may feel having your device searched could be more intrusive than searching your home. That’s the argument of several Senators who are pushing for a new law to protect your privacy at the border. Washington reporter Eva McKend has the story. They are the computers in our pockets. Cell phones can detail our entire lives, including everything from our financial information to the history of our most intimate relationships. So it... Read more 

Northern Kentucky organization focus on expanded recovery programs to fight opoioid addiction

07/03/2018 12:18 PM

FLORENCE – While the opioid epidemic appears to show no signs of letting up in places like Northern Kentucky, health officials have been encouraged by the fact that some addicts have benefited from various treatment programs. One of the tough things about opioid treatment is there is no one -size fits-all plan. Northern Kentucky Health Department Director of Population Health Stephanie Vogel believes that organizations in her region have done a good job in joining together and establishing effective treatment options. “I think... Read more 

Local health department officials waiting to see full impact of Medicaid dental and vision vision cuts in Kentucky

07/03/2018 10:53 AM

FLORENCE – U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg’s rejection on Friday of Gov. Matt Bevin’s plan to overhaul the state’s Medicaid program by imposing work requirements for some to receive their benefits, and Bevin’s subsequent cutting of dental and vision coverage for 460,000 Kentuckians have some regional health department officials wondering what the full ramifications will be. Administration officials say the cuts were necessary because the ruling took away the path to provide those services. Northern Kentucky Health Department Director of Health... Read more 

State Sales Tax Changes Brings Pricier Tickets To Sporting Events

06/29/2018 05:30 PM

Friday both the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky Athletic Departments confirmed that effective on July 1, 2018, the Kentucky Department of Revenue will levy a 6-percent sales tax on ticket sales to events hosted by most non-profit organizations, which would include university sporting events, but not teams like the Louisville Bats, Lexington Legends of Minor League Baseball or USL soccer events like Louisville City F.C. games. The the release, UK said, “In This legislation will affect the sale... Read more 

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray endorses Democratic nominee Amy Mcgrath for Congress

06/29/2018 03:55 PM

LEXINGTON – Lexington Mayor Jim Gray has officially endorsed Democratic 6th District Congressional Candidate Amy McGrath in her race against Republican incumbent Andy Barr. Gray made the announcement on Friday as took took McGrath on a tour of the recently renovated old Fayette County Courthouse. Gray, who lost to McGrath in the primary by 8,000 votes, says that McGrath is the one candidate who can build unity across the state as well as the country. “Our countries divided, and this is a... Read more 

KDE Interim Commissioner Wayne Lewis offers few details about impending JCPS takeover

06/28/2018 02:26 PM

FRANKFORT – One Kentucky lawmaker expressed concern at Thursday’s Budget Review Subcommittee on Education that Kentucky Department of Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis did not present a cost analysis for the departments impending takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools, the state’s largest district with over 100,000 students. Rep. Rick Rand, D-Bedford, expressed concerns to Lewis, who was named interim commissioner in April after the resignation of Stephen Pruitt, about how KDE, which saw their budget slashed $54 million in the 2018/2020 ... Read more 

Pilot program looks to decrease number of unnecessary medical emergency runs

06/27/2018 03:12 PM

FRANKFORT – In Kentucky, the demand for Emergency Medical Services is increasing while reimbursements are decreasing. To upturn this phenomenon, the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services implemented Kentucky’s first Mobile Integrated Health/Community Paramedicine Pilot Program on June 1, 2016. The primary goal of the program is to fill unmet needs with untapped resources, reduce 911 utilization and hospital emergency department visits, and create partnerships within the community. Members of the Interim Joint Committee on Local Government heard from Kentucky Board of Medical... Read more 

School Safety Listening Session looks at ways to better protect students

06/26/2018 09:11 PM

LEXINGTON – How to better protect the states schools from tragedies like the one this past January at Marshall County High School was on the minds of Federal and state officials who took part in the Federal Commission on School Safety Listening Session in Lexington. Sen. Danny Carroll, R-Paducah, who represents Marshall County, admits that there’s not one single solution to the problem, but a series of them which work hand in hand with one another. “I think we have to focus... Read more 

Why has the numbered of registered Democrat voters dropped in Kentucky?

06/26/2018 09:07 AM

BURLINGTON – The State Board of Elections voter registration figures released last week showing that the number of overall registered Democrats dropped below 50 percent to 49.93 percent caught the eye of Boone County Clerk Kenny Brown, where the red tide began back in the early 1990’s. While Democrats still outnumber Republicans who are at 41.48 percent of registered voters statewide, in Boone County alone, the number of registered Republicans went from 38,351 in 2008 to 56,003 win 2018, while Democrats... Read more 

Covington schools offer study of chess as part of their summer learning opportunities for students

06/21/2018 09:38 AM

COVINGTON – One of the things kids battle during the summer months is what to do with all of their spare time. Students in Covington are getting the opportunity to take part in a summer enrichment program where they have the opportunity to learn more about the game of chess. Camp Checkmate: Chess Symposium is one of four summer learning opportunity programs offered by the Covington Independent School District. The camp offers students the opportunity to create individual chess sets, learn defensive... Read more