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As a lawmaker, Rep. Stacy spoke his mind -- just not about Rep. Stacy

04/20/2014 11:06 PM

Rep. John Will Stacy, D-West Liberty, wasn’t the sort of lawmaker who made a lot of floor speeches or asked questions at every committee meeting he attended. But when he did speak, it usually was blunt. In March, for instance, Stacy disagreed with an energy company executive and ended his rebuttal by critiquing the executive’s style of wearing his reading glasses on his head when not using them. During the debate over the budget, Stacy loudly defended the move of... Read more 

Confusion and frustration remain on all sides in the wake of heroin bill's failure

04/17/2014 10:53 PM

As the governor leaves the door open for a special session to take up the heroin bill, the chief proponents for the bill in both chambers are searching for lessons learned from the failure to get an agreement before the session ended Tuesday. Sen. Katie Stine, R-Southgate and the sponsor of the bill, said she didn’t know what else could have been done from her end. The Senate passed the measure Jan. 16, giving the House nearly three months to... Read more 

House budget shifts 'extra' money from textbook fund and preschool to fill in $15 mil. gap

03/11/2014 08:52 PM

The House version of the budget attacked a $15-million-a-year funding puzzle by shifting money the governor recommended for districts to spend on textbooks and preschool, as well as several other funds. House leaders, in the budget bill that passed out of committee Tuesday, rejected Gov. Steve Beshear’s recommendation to allow county Property Valuation Administrators to hit up special taxing districts, like libraries and health departments, with an extra fee for assessing the properties that lead to their property tax income.... Read more 

Poised to get funding restored, child care program boasts success stories

02/24/2014 08:47 AM

Sharon Yelton was facing the choice 18 years ago between going to school and raising her daughter. Fortunately for Yelton, she didn’t end up having to choose. The state program that provides child care stipends for low income parents to pay for day care while they go to school or work. Gov. Steve Beshear’s administration cut that program back last year to plug a hole in the state budget. But he has recommended that General Assembly restore the more than... Read more 

Obama calls Beshear 'a man possessed' on health care, Ky. Republicans pan president's speech

01/28/2014 11:25 PM

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address once again highlighted to the nation the political dichotomy that the Affordable Care Act has created in Kentucky. One minute Obama was giving a mid-address shout-out to Gov. Steve Beshear over his implementation of the health care law. And the next minute, Republican U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell was issuing a critical three-paragraph response to Obama’s speech focusing on the Obamacare section particularly. “Obamacare is wreaking havoc with Kentucky’s economy and for the... Read more 

Grimes on promise zones, the promise of jobs and raising the minimum wage

01/17/2014 05:43 PM

In a follow-up interview to her jobs policy address on Thursday in Prestonsburg, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Grimes fielded questions from Pure Politics about: how she would counter opposition to raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 and why she believes promise zones could work even if some economic studies question their effectiveness:  Read more 

School districts look to Kenton Co. Academies as a model to help students speed down career tracks

12/30/2013 07:10 PM

As Kentucky school superintendents shop around for different ideas to better engage and prepare students, some now are looking to the Kenton County Academies as a model. The academies have programs aimed at biological sciences — perfect for aspiring doctors, nurses or medical researchers — as well as engineering and even media. And those programs are helping give good students a leg-up for college and are turning average students who might be “wallflowers” in class into flourishing students, as the... Read more 

Free clinic in Kentucky isn't expecting Affordable Care Act to put it out of business

12/20/2013 11:18 AM

Even though the Affordable Care Act is aimed at making sure the uninsured have health coverage, free clinics — including one in northeast Kentucky — isn’t planning on shutting down any time soon. The New Hope Clinic, which serves low-income and uninsured patients in Bath County and surrounding areas, expects to continue serving patients who fall through the cracks. Under the Affordable Care Act, Kentucky has expanded Medicaid to those making up to 138 percent of the poverty rate for... Read more 

We want your suggestions for the best and worst of Kentucky politics in 2013

12/16/2013 10:18 AM

It’s that time of year again — the end of it. And as Pure Politics has done in past years, we’ll be wrapping up the highlights (and lowlights) of the year on our shows and the site at the end of December. We are really appreciative of all the comments and input coming from readers of the site and viewers of the show throughout the year. So this year, we want you’re input. Post your comments or send an email... Read more 

Tennessee state senator on team that captured Hussein says U.S. might be relying too much on drones

11/15/2013 12:04 AM

A Tennessee state lawmaker who was part of the team that captured Saddam Hussein in December 2003 echoed concerns of Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul that U.S. intelligence and the military is relying too heavily on unmanned drones. Republican state Sen. Mark Green of Clarksville was in Kentucky Thursday to speak at a fundraiser for state Rep. Jonathan Shell, R-Lancaster. Talking to Pure Politics’ Don Weber in cn|2’s Lexington studio, Green — a former U.S. Army surgeon — described the... Read more