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Nick Storm is the Anchor and Managing Editor of Pure Politics available exclusively on Spectrum News. Pure Politics is the only nightly program dedicated to Kentucky politics. Nick covers all of the political heavyweights and his investigative work brings to light issues that might otherwise go unnoticed, like his coverage of the backlog of DNA rape kits waiting to be tested in Kentucky. Nick is also working on a feature length bio documentary Outlaw Poet: A documentary on Ron Whitehead. Pure Politics airs weeknight at 7 and 11:30 on Spectrum News or anytime with Spectrum On Demand.Follow Nick on Twitter @NStorm_Politics. Nick can be reached at 502-792-1107 or

Lawmakers in budget conference committee roll out tax reform plan

04/02/2018 10:22 AM

FRANKFORT — Republican House budget chair Steven Rudy revealed the majority party’s proposed tax reform on Monday, one day before the recess veto period. The plan would generate $238.8 million in the first year of the biennium, and $248.1 million in fiscal year 2020, according to a scoring document provided to Pure Politics. The tax plan replaces the so-called “revenue bill” in the two-year budgeting process. Lawmakers generate the revenue primarily through expanding the sales and use tax, something that... Read more 

Budget conference committee reportedly debating cigarette tax increase; coalition: less than $1 pack "just a tax"

03/30/2018 01:35 PM

Lawmakers on the budget free conference committee have been meeting behind the scenes, and there seems to be talk of including a tax increase inserted into the revenue bill as part of a broader agreement. Sources tell Pure Politics the House and Senate leaders are debating a 50 cent excise tax increase on the price per pack of cigarettes, an idea first floated by House Republicans in their version of the two year state budget. There’s also talk that Republicans... Read more 

School districts across the state close as teachers call-in after pension bill passes

03/30/2018 08:58 AM

One-by-one school districts across central Kentucky announced their closure the day before spring break, as Republicans in the House and Senate rammed through a mystery pension reform bill. The 291 page bill was not made public, and was inserted into a waste-sewage piece of legislation on Thursday, and then sent though the lower and upper chambers with Republicans carrying the bill. Fayette County schools was among the first to announce a closure on Thursday night, as more than a thousand... Read more 

Plaque naming Jefferson Davis a hero removed from Captiol statue

03/29/2018 04:30 PM

Two years after conversations about Confederate President Jefferson Davis’ statue and plaque in the Capitol Rotunda began the plaque at the base of the statue declaring the civil war figure a hero was taken down. The plaque was removed on Thursday, as the Capitol buzzed with budget negotiations and an updated pension reform measure brought forward in the House of Representatives. The Kentucky Historical Properties Commission voted in 2015 not to remove the statue, later in 2017 they voted to... Read more 

House and Senate budget axe tourism development incentive program

03/23/2018 03:14 PM

FRANKFORT — In addition to axing a controversial film credit, both chambers in the General Assembly have raided a tourism development incentive, which can be used to develop cultural and historical sites and entertainment facilities, among other things. The Kentucky Tourism Development Incentive was removed from the budget on purpose, Senate Budget Chair Chris McDaniel, R-Taylor Mill, told Pure Politics this week in an effort to find revenues for other budgeted items. “It was definitely deliberate that it came out,” McDaniel... Read more 

Resolution changing quorum rules to make bills easier to pass committee, defeated in committee

03/22/2018 03:45 PM

FRANKFORT — A resolution which would have made it easier to pass bills out of committee, and given committee chairmen a lot more power was defeated by a slim-majority in a special called House committee meeting on Thursday. House Resolution 238, sponsored by Rep. Scott Wells, R- West Liberty, would have fundamentally changed how Frankfort operates by potentially lowering the vote threshold for bills to pass in committee. The resolution called for “a simple majority of the committee... Read more 

GOP SOS candidate issues then deletes threat against Congressman Yarmuth

03/20/2018 01:35 PM

Carl Nett, a Republican candidate for Kentucky Secretary of State, drew a swift rebuke Tuesday from both Democrats and Republicans after tweeting a threat against U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth following a message from the Louisville Democrat about his stance on the National Rifle Association. Yarmuth tweeting Tuesday morning that he is “so proud of my @NRA rating, I’ll wear it on my chest. I invite my colleagues to join me in wearing our F ratings every day until the GOP... Read more 

Senate Budget chair expects pension funding, public safety and education

03/19/2018 03:47 PM

FRANKFORT — The Senate is poised to deliver their budget recommendations as lawmakers reach the final working days before the veto recess. The upper chamber will forego tax increases included by the House in their budget document, which will drop the dollars available to spend, but will make different recommendations that Gov. Matt Bevin, Senate Budget Chair Chris McDaniel told Pure Politics on Monday. In what he says will be a “bottoming out process” for the state, McDaniel said Kentuckians... Read more 

McGrath will launch first campaign commercial during UK basketball game

03/15/2018 03:18 PM

Democratic Congressional candidate Amy McGrath will be flying onto television sets across the 6th District this week when the University of Kentucky Wildcats play in the NCAA tournament. The retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel is following-up her two viral campaign videos with her first paid television campaign commercial to reach Kentuckians with a 60-second spot, titled “We’ll See.” The ad will launch during the first half of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament game between the University of Kentucky and Davidson. The introductory... Read more 

Grimes: Voters will remember lawmakers who ignore medical marijuana issue

03/14/2018 01:46 PM

FRANKFORT — As the House Judiciary Committee stalled on hearing a bill allowing the medical use of marijuana for certain qualifying conditions, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes warns lawmakers to ignore the issue at their own peril. Grimes, D-Kentucky, placed the blame at the feet of House Judiciary chair Joe Fischer, R-Campbell, in a tweet sent Wednesday afternoon. Grimes said while the bill stalled thanks to Fischer’s non-action in committee. The Secretary of State sees the most progress a... Read more