Michon Lindstrom

Michon is a producer for Pure Politics. Michon comes to Kentucky from Springfield, Illinois where she served as the statehouse reporter for the NBC affiliate. During her time in the Land of Lincoln she covered the state’s two year budget impasse and the largest school funding overall in Illinois history. Pure Politics airs weeknights at 7 and 11:30 on Spectrum News. Follow Michon on Twitter at @MichonLindstrom or reach her by email at michon.lindstrom@charter.com

3.4 million Kentuckians are registered to vote

10/18/2018 01:20 PM

FRANKFORT- More than 3.4 million people are registered to vote including 35,000 new voters since the May 22 Primary Election, according to Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes Democrats are still the majority of registered voters with 1.68 million registered, making up 49.6 percent of voters. Republicans have 1.41 million voters registered or 41.7 percent of voters, and 295,400 voters are registered with a different party or other. The 6th Congressional District, where Congressman Andy Barr and Amy McGrath are locked... Read more 

Medical marijuana bill will be filed "real soon"

10/17/2018 08:01 PM

A medical marijuana bill will be filed soon. That’s according to bill sponsor Rep. Jason Nemes, R-Louisville. He says he and co-sponsor Rep. Diane St. Onge, R-Fort Wright, have been meeting with interested parties throughout the state including the police commissioner and business groups. One of the trickiest parts of the bill Rep. Nemes says is making sure businesses are protected—as well as employees who may need medical marijuana. “We need to protect employers, we want to incentive employers... Read more 

Tributes roll in for late Senator Walter "Dee" Huddleston

10/16/2018 08:48 PM

Former two-term U.S. Senator Walter “Dee” Huddleston, who lost his re-election bid to U.S. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has died at age 92. The Associated Press reports Huddleston’s son, Steve, said his father died in his sleep early Tuesday in Warsaw, Kentucky. Huddleston served in the Kentucky Senate from 1965 to 1972, until moving to the United States Senate where he served from 1973 through 1984. McConnell, who was serving as a Jefferson County judge-executive, was boosted by Republican president Ronald... Read more 

McGrath leads Barr in fundraising

10/16/2018 08:47 PM

The Sixth Congressional District is quickly becoming one of the most expensive races in the country. Third quarter reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show Congressman Andy Barr has raised $1.1 million in the past three months. The report shows Barr has raised $4.3 million for his re-election campaign. Currently, he has $1.2 million on hand to spend the last three weeks of the campaign. “That was the very best fundraising quarter of my entire political career. 1.2 million... Read more 

Appeal filed in Marsy's Law ruling

10/16/2018 08:43 PM

FRANKFORT- Sen. Whitney Westerfield, R-Hopkinsville, and Marsy’s Law for Kentucky have filed an appeal to a Franklin Circuit Court judge’s ruling. The appeal filed Tuesday, seeks to challenge Judge Thomas Wingate’s ruling that the ballot question can not be certified by election officials because the question does not adequately convey how the constitution would change. Judge Wingate issued his ruling Monday, saying the ballot question failed to “sufficiently state the substance of the proposed constitutional amendment in order to accurately... Read more 

KDP Files ethics complaint against Bevin for Barr tweet

10/16/2018 11:08 AM

FRANKFORT- The Kentucky Democratic Party has filed an ethics complaint against Gov. Matt Bevin for a tweet he sent over the weekend while at the Trump rally. The complaint says Bevin violated KRS 11A.020 by using taxpayer resources to campaign on behalf of Congressman Barr. During the October 13 rally at Eastern Kentucky University, Gov. Bevin sent out at tweet on his official Twitter account showing support for Congressman Andy Barr. The tweet read, “Here at eku with a packed... Read more 

Kentucky voter information is being sold on the dark web

10/15/2018 05:01 PM

Kentucky’s statewide voter registration list is being sold on the dark web. Anomali Labs researchers in partnership with Intel 471 uncovered the information disclosure of United States voter registration databases. The report shows 19 states are affected and 23 million records—for just three of the states. Anomali believes more than 35 million records could be disclosed. The report says the seller indicates they receive weekly updates of voter registration lists from contacts within state government. Certain states require the seller to... Read more 

Candidates can pay for childcare with campaign funds

10/15/2018 02:14 PM

LOUISVILLE- Candidates running for office in Kentucky, can use their campaign funds to assist with childcare costs on a case by case basis. Kentucky Registry of Election Finance General Counsel Emily Dennis said campaign finance law in Kentucky doesn’t specifically address whether childcare can be covered with campaign funds but determined if childcare is a cost incurred from a candidate campaigning, then they are able to expense it. KREF said candidates are unable to use funds to pay for childcare... Read more 

Judge blocks certification of Marsy's Law

10/15/2018 02:13 PM

FRANKFORT- A Franklin County Circuit Court judge has ruled against the wording of a referendum on changing the state constitution to create a bill of rights for crime victims. The referendum known as Marsy’s Law will still appear on the ballot, but election officials will not certify the results until after an appellate court has made a ruling. Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate ruled Monday the ballot question wasn’t worded correctly to inform people what they are voting on. Kentucky is... Read more 

Criminal Justice Reform legislation likely in 2019

10/12/2018 12:59 PM

As Kentucky prisons continue to fill with low-level non-violent offenders—Several criminal justice reform bills will likely be taken up during the 2019 legislative session, after a broad reform package stalled last year. State Rep. Jason Nemes, R-Louisville, says they will be introducing pieces of that broader package that includes reducing nonviolent crimes, like drug offenses, from felonies to misdemeanors and reducing the felony threshold for shoplifting. It also would have required pre-trial release from jail without bond. Bail reform is... Read more