Don Weber

Don Weber is a Video Journalist for Spectrum News and covers politics and education on Pure Politics, Kentucky’s only nightly program dedicated to state politics. Don is a lifelong Kentuckian and a graduate of Northern Kentucky University. He spent many years covering sports in the Northern Kentucky area before shifting primarily to politics. You can watch Don’s work weeknights at 7:00 and 11:30 on Pure Politics, available exclusively on Spectrum News, HD Channels 403 and 715. If you have a story idea you can reach Don at

County Connection: Kenton County a major economic development hub

03/28/2018 10:19 AM

COVINGTON – Kris Knochelman has served as a judge-executive of Kenton County since 2015. Knochelman, who is a lifelong resident of the county, is a business owner and has been a vocal advocate for government efficiency, cooperation and holding bureaucracy accountable. During his first term as Kenton Co. judge executive, Knochelman led the effort to reform the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) Board in conjunction with the General Assembly. He also has led in the fight against the... Read more 

House bill would increase penalties for adults recruiting gang members

03/27/2018 04:19 PM

FRANKFORT – Legislation which would impose harsher penalties for adults who recruit individuals, including kids, for gangs has been passed by the Senate standing Committee on Judiciary. House Bill 169, sponsored by Rep. Robert Benvenuti, R-Lexington, would change Kentucky law by making it a felony to recruit gang members, passed with 7 yes and 2 pass votes by Sen. Joe Bowen, R-Owensboro, and Sen. Robin Webb, D-Grayson. A provision of the bill requires that anyone who is found to be a... Read more 

Anti-sunshine bill pulled from Senate orders after objections

03/23/2018 11:30 AM

FRANKFORT – Senate Republican leaders tabled a bill on Thursday which had an amendment that would bar government officials personal communications devices such as a personal cell phone or computers from an open records request. The amendment to House Bill 302, sponsored by Senate Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer, R-Georgetown, would change Kentucky’s open records laws which say that text messages, emails and phone calls on the private devices would not be considered public record. HB 302, which originally... Read more 

Members of the budget conference committee to begin work on Friday

03/22/2018 03:33 PM

FRANKFORT – The members of the House and Senate conference committees on the budget were named on Thursday and expect to begin their negotiations on Friday morning for House Bill 200 and the accompanying budget bills. The House conference committee members are Rep. Dennis Rudy, R-Paducah, Rep.Jonathan Shell, R-Lancaster, Rep. David Meade, R-Stanford, Rep. Kevin Bratcher, R-Louisville, Speaker Pro Tem Rep. David Osborne, R-Prospect, Rep. John Carney, R-Campbellsville, Rep. James Tipton, R-Taylorsville, Rep. Rocky Adkins, D-Sandy Hook, Rep. Wilson Stone, D-Scottsville,... Read more 

Legislation which gives guidelines for releasing body cam footage passes Senate committee

03/22/2018 03:32 PM

FRANKFORT – A bill which would give local governments options to not release video from police body cameras has been passed by the Senate Judiciary committee. House Bill 373, sponsored by Rep. Robert Benvenuti, R-Lexington, which passed by a 7-1 vote, would let local government officials refuse to release footage from body cameras that showed dead bodies, sexually explicit scenes, death of a police officer and children as well as other examples. Benvenuti told committee members that HB 373 creates a... Read more 

Bill overhauling workers comp rules passes Senate committee

03/21/2018 03:59 PM

FRANKFORT – A House bill which would cap how long people with some permanent on-the-job injuries can collect benefits was passed by the Senate Standing committee on State and Local Government on Wednesday. House Bill 2, sponsored by Rep. Adam Koenig, was passed by a 7-4 vote with Republican Sen. Dan Seum, R-Louisville, joining three Democrats, Sen. Denise Harper Angel, D-Louisville, Sen. Morgan McGarvey, D-Louisville, and Sen. Dorsey Ridley, D-Henderson, in voting no. HB 2 would only require employers to pay benefits... Read more 

Senate passes their version of biennium budget which differs from House plan

03/20/2018 03:56 PM

FRANKFORT – The Kentucky State Senate passed their budget proposal which includes a number of changes from the House version. House Bill 200 passed by a 26-11 vote on Tuesday night. The Senate proposal reinstates most of the 6.25 percent across the board budget cuts to the Executive Branch that Gov. Matt Bevin had proposed for most areas except for Veteran’s Affairs and the Kentucky State Police. The Judicial and Legislative branches were treated similarly in their respective budgets, heard earlier on... Read more 

Boone County Schools look to make elementary schools safer by placing police officers in each school

03/19/2018 05:32 PM

FLORENCE – The recent number of school shooting have led school districts to rethink the policies that they have in place and how they may improve school safety for students, faculty and staff. The Boone County Schools, the third largest district in the state with close to 20,000 students, have partnered with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department to make their elementary schools safer by staffing law enforcement officers at each of the elementary schools in the district. Boone County Schools Superintendent Randy... Read more 

Senate leaders say "phase-in" pension bill won't pass without SB 1

03/16/2018 03:43 PM

FRANKFORT – Senate Republican leaders say don’t expect Senate Bill 66, the so called phase-in bill, to pass if the pension reform bill, Senate Bill 1, is not passed. The phase-in bill would allow local governments, school boards and other governmental agencies, like mental health boards, to phase in the much higher pension contributions that will be required to bail out the pension funds. Senate President Robert Stivers, R-Manchester, said that SB 66 is a companion bill and can only... Read more 

Funding for Work Ready scholarship program approved in committee

03/15/2018 02:46 PM

FRANKFORT – The Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship program has been effective in allowing Kentuckians to learn useful job skills to build a career, and a bill Thursday to continue funding for that program was unanimously passed by the Senate Standing Committee on Education. Senate Bill 231, sponsored by Sen. Mike Wilson, R-Bowling Green, would require the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) to administer the scholarship in collaboration with the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet. The amount awarded to any one student... Read more