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Don Weber joined cn|2 when it launched back in May 2010 and soon became a reporter for Pure Politics. He is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University and has spent many years covering everything from politics to sports. Don says he loves meeting new people everyday as part of his job and also enjoys the fact that no two days are the same when he comes to work.

Kelley Paul predicts Rand's re-election to U.S. Senate; looks back at presidential bid

06/24/2016 04:03 PM

UNION – Kelley Paul, wife of U.S. Senator Rand Paul, is looking ahead to her husband getting re-elected this November, but says that she still has some good memories about his failed presidential bid. Paul was in northern Kentucky on Friday speaking to members of the Boone and Kenton County Republican Women’s Club in Union and promoting her new book, True and Constant Friends. Paul notes the most memorable moment for her during the presidential campaign was watching her husband take part... Read more 

Addiction specialist says the sooner opiate addiction is treated as a disease, the sooner the state can gain ground in the battle against heroin

06/23/2016 03:27 PM

FLORENCE – As heroin and opiate overdoses and deaths continue to increase, especially in northern Kentucky, Dr. Mike Kalfas, who treats over 300 addicts in his family practice, says the sooner everyone understands that addiction needs to be treated as a disease, the sooner communities will make progress in battling the problem. one of things that frustrates doctors and keeps many of them from treating addicts is the fact that there is no easy fix and the sometimes painstaking process takes... Read more 

Ag commissioner kicks off first regional meeting to address food insecurity in Kentucky

06/22/2016 02:04 PM

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS – The first of 10 Kentucky Hunger Regional Task Force meetings took place on Tuesday in northern Kentucky as community leaders discussed what is working as well as the challenges they face in feeding Kentucky’s food-insecure population. The Hunger Task Force is part of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Hunger Initiative, a first-of-its-kind effort to alleviate food insecurity in Kentucky. The objectives of the task force is to study the sources of hunger, identify the unique issues that... Read more 

Grant County needle exchange program aims to prevent spread of disease related to drug use

06/22/2016 09:46 AM

WILLIAMSTOWN – It’s been three months since the inception of a needle exchange program operated by the Northern Kentucky Independent Health District in Williamstown was launched, and department officials are already proclaiming the operation a success. Under the program, addicts bring in their dirty needles to the Grant County office on Wednesday’s between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00, as well as other days and times by appointment, and receive clean ones in an attempt to eliminate the sharing of needles... Read more 

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program benefits nearly 82,000 Kentucky households

06/17/2016 12:34 PM

FRANKFORT – The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federally funded program, administered statewide by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, which helps to keep Kentucky families safe and healthy through initiatives that assist families with energy costs. LIHEAP helps low income families, with a household income that doesn’t exceed 130 percent of the poverty level in managing costs associated with three components: home energy bills; energy crisis, such as when a household is within four... Read more 

Kentucky legislators will look at both sides of medical marijuana issue

06/16/2016 09:00 AM

BURLINGTON – The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has been an issue that’s been debated for years, and it appears that the Kentucky Legislature in now finally ready to fully explore and consider the issue during the 30-day 2017 session. On July 8th at 10 a.m., the Interim Joint Committee on Licensing and Occupations will meet in Frankfort to hear the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. The agenda will include pro and con presentations by law enforcement,... Read more 

Legislators look at ways for those with serious mental health conditions to get effective treatment

06/15/2016 03:55 PM

FRANKFORT – Ending the revolving door for those with serious mental health conditions and proposed solutions was the subject of a three-hour Interim Joint Committee on Health and Welfare meeting on Wednesday in Frankfort. Shelia Schuster, Executive Director of the Kentucky Mental Health Coalition, voiced her support for newly proposed Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) legislation which would create a procedure for a narrowly defined number of individuals to access supported outpatient treatment under a court order without having to again be... Read more 

iLEAD Academy completes first year with high praise from students

06/13/2016 06:02 PM

CARROLLTON – Thirty-nine students, who have successfully completed their first year at the iLEAD Academy, Kentucky’s first regional academy for students who are interested in engineering, software technology, and advanced manufacturing fields, have said that their first year at the academy was a huge success. The academy, located in Carrollton, is a cooperative effort between the Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Owen, and Trimble County school districts. The day-to-day operations of the academy are funded by the five districts and SEEK money... Read more 

Organizations consolidate to provide long-term housing for homeless female veterans

06/09/2016 04:10 PM

FRANKFORT – It’s believed that the number of homeless female veterans is growing in the country, and a pair of organizations in Kentucky is merging to pull their efforts and resources together to identify and help female veterans in the Commonwealth of Kentucky who have nowhere to live. It’s estimated that there are 1.8 million female veterans in the nation. While it’s hard sometimes to identify how many are homeless in Kentucky, latest records show there is a total of 24,808 female... Read more 

Ft. Thomas Police Heroin Interdiction Team looks to take drug induced drivers off the highways

06/08/2016 06:24 PM

FORT THOMAS – The growing problem of heroin addicts driving while under the influence has propelled the Ft. Thomas Police Department to launch a Heroin Intervention Team to step up patrols on highways that are frequented by users. The teams consists of three officers which patrol stretches of I-471 which pass through the city as well a small stretch of I-275 after it crosses the Ohio River. The team is looking for erratic behavior behind the wheel which could be a... Read more