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Don Weber joined cn|2 when it launched back in May 2010 and soon became a reporter for Pure Politics. He is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University and has spent many years covering everything from politics to sports. Don says he loves meeting new people everyday as part of his job and also enjoys the fact that no two days are the same when he comes to work.

Schools become the frontline for identifying homeless youth

11/25/2015 02:00 PM

NEWPORT – While many families will get together on Thursday to celebrate Thanksgiving, there is a growing number of families who have no full time residence and are classified as homeless. In Northern Kentucky, it’s estimated that 2,100 students are classified as homeless in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties — meaning that they have no permanent residence. Tiffany Smith, staff attorney at the Children’s Law Center, says research shows that children who are homeless are likely to have undesirable characteristics. “Any youth... Read more 

Gov. Beshear signs executive order restoring right to vote to certain non-violent felons

11/24/2015 02:34 PM

FRANKFORT – Gov. Steve Beshear signed an executive order on Tuesday setting up the automatic restoration for the right to vote and hold public office to certain offenders once all terms of their sentences have been satisfied. The order excludes individuals convicted of violent or sex crimes, bribery or treason. The issue of restoring felon voting rights has been discussed in the legislature for years with little movement on the issue. Beshear said that he felt the state was denying individuals, who... Read more 

Attorney General's Office selects 6 counties for post-election audit

11/19/2015 09:26 AM

FRANKFORT – Bullitt, McCreary, Clark, Hardin, Morgan, and Harrison counties were drawn on Thursday by the Office of the Kentucky Attorney General to receive post-election audits. The procedure is pursuant to KRS 15.243 (3),(a), which says that the Kentucky Attorney General is required to conduct a post-election audit investigation in no fewer than 5 percent of Kentucky’s counties following each primary and general election. The public drawing must be done within 20 days of the election. In May, Greenup, Laurel,... Read more 

Attorney General-elect Andy Beshear pledges to work with new governor

11/18/2015 05:47 PM

LEXINGTON – Democratic Attorney General-elect Andy Beshear has pledged to work with Republican Gov.-elect Matt Bevin during the next four years on issues concerning the commonwealth. Beshear made the comments on Tuesday in Lexington at the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACO) annual conference. “While the attorney general is not the governor’s lawyer, and he’s not the legislature’s lawyer, he’s the people’s lawyer, and you do have a duty to provide advice and guidance when requested, and I am absolutely going to do... Read more 

Amazon investing in workforce development with employee education program

11/18/2015 10:52 AM

HEBRON – A growing worldwide company, which operates a number of facilities in Kentucky, is taking it upon themselves to better educate their workers, either for career advancement, or movement into another field. Since 2012, Amazon initiated the Amazon Career Choice program in which the company will pay 95 percent of the costs for their hourly employees, who have been with the company at its fulfillment centers for at least one year, to take college level courses related to in-demand fields.... Read more 

Lawmakers prepare for increased healthcare costs

11/16/2015 03:47 PM

FRANKFORT – State Lawmakers are exploring all options as the commonwealth’s portion of healthcare costs increase over the next several years. Lisa Lee, Medicaid commissioner for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services told members of the Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue BR Sub on Human Resources on Monday that the state’s share of costs from Medicare Part B will be $4,836,653 in FY16, $10,680,716 in FY17, and $10, 668,076 in FY18. While that amount is lower than was earlier... Read more 

Craft breweries want to increase production cap as demand increases

11/13/2015 01:39 PM

FRANKFORT – Kentucky’s small craft breweries, which have seen a 600 percent growth rate in the number of breweries in the past five years, want state lawmakers to make changes to double the current production cap. Currently production for craft brewers is capped at 25,000 barrels, and producers would like to see that increased to 50,000 barrels. In 2004, Kentucky had only five craft breweries which produced 14,849 barrels of beer. By 2009, the number had risen to 33, with three pending... Read more 

National Guard tuition assistance program running out of cash

11/12/2015 05:37 PM

LOUISVILLE – The Kentucky Air National Guard tuition assistance program, which offers 100 percent tuition assistance to any Kentucky state-sponsored school, for any National Guard member, is running out of money. Nearly $5 million is allotted annually from the state’s general fund to pay for the program which is used to recruit candidates into the guard. However, this year, it’s projected that all of the money will be spent for fiscal year 2016. Major General Edward Tonini, The Adjutant General of the... Read more 

World War II veteran who survived attack on Pearl Harbor honored in Williamstown

11/11/2015 03:42 PM

WILLIAMSTOWN – A tradition continued in Williamstown on Wednesday as Grant County honored one of their own on Veterans Day in a ceremony at Williamstown High School. Holton Smith, 94, was honored as the 2015 Williamstown Veteran of the Year. Smith enlisted in the Air Force in 1941 and flew 52 reconnaissance missions; flying a P-38 aircraft while photographing identified locations for the government. Smith had some hair-raising experiences such as, being chased by Russian aircraft that were heavily armed while... Read more 

12-year-old student uses her experience of being bullied to help solve the problem

11/10/2015 03:14 PM

FRANKFORT – One of the keys to stop the problem of bullying in Kentucky is to recognize that it is a community-wide health issue, rather than a school-specific one. That was one of the recommendations from the Kentucky Youth Bullying Prevention Task Force which was established in October, 2014 to come up with bullying prevention strategies that, if implemented, would lead to safer schools and communities. Bullying can result in physical injury, social and emotional distress, and in some cases, even death.... Read more