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Don Weber joined cn|2 when it launched back in May 2010 and soon became a reporter for Pure Politics. He is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University and has spent many years covering everything from politics to sports. Don says he loves meeting new people everyday as part of his job and also enjoys the fact that no two days are the same when he comes to work.

How Fancy Farm evolved from local gathering to the most unique political speaking venue in the country

07/30/2015 12:56 PM

FANCY FARM — This Saturday marks the unofficial kickoff to the political season as one of Kentucky’s oldest political traditions, Fancy Farm takes place. But what you may not know is how this event actually evolved from a local gathering into the commonwealth’s most notable political event. Cynthia Elder, a St. Jerome parishioner and volunteer for the Fancy Farm Picnic, says the first advertisement of the gathering was in the July 31, 1880 edition of the Mayfield Monitor. “At that time it... Read more 

Treatment pilot program shows improvements 5-years in, but dollars are biggest set back

07/23/2015 02:55 PM

FRANKFORT – As Kentucky officials attempt to treat an expanding drug dependence problem in the commonwealth, programs tasked with tackling the issue are quickly reaching their fiscal limits. The Sobriety Treatment and Recovery Teams (START) program is serving approximately 300 families per year in Jefferson, Kenton, Boyd and Daviess counties with drug dependency issues by pairing parents and parents-to-be, who are in long term recovery, with specially trained social workers to help them kick their habit. START, which began as a... Read more 

Armed "citizen guards" protect military recruiting center in Florence

07/23/2015 01:31 PM

FLORENCE — After the killing of five military members in Tennessee last week citizens in several states — including Kentucky are serving as aremed guards at military recruiting centers. Gov. Beshear issued an executive order on Wednesday directing Kentucky Adjutant General Edward Tonini to take any necessary steps to boost security at National Guard facilities, and reiterating a 2013 order allows service members to carry concealed weapons. Even so, Lawrenceburg, Indiana resident Jeff May stationed him outside the U.S. Armed... Read more 

Safety of proposed re-purposed natural gas pipeline questioned in Frankfort

07/17/2015 02:47 PM

FRANKFORT – Kentuckians told lawmakers today in Frankfort that they have concerns over a proposed re-purposing of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline. The pipeline, which is currently carrying natural gas has been proposed as vehicle for another form of combustible material — natural gas liquids or NGLs. The 964 mile pipeline would carry raw NGLs from Ohio, though Kentucky and on to the Gulf Coast for processing and export, and several Kentuckians expressed concens in an interim committee on Friday. The Tennessee... Read more 

Covington police at odds with city over manpower shortage

07/17/2015 08:09 AM

COVINGTON — As the overall number of police on the streets in Covington declines the police says the public and police are more at risk. City officials say that they are doing the best they can to fund police services despite shrinking revenue. Revenue is dropping in the city due to a general lack of growth. Sgt. Bryan Bogard, president of the Covington FOP, who’s seen the number of officers in the city drop from 116 to just fewer than 100,... Read more 

Dayton schools looking to improve scores by reaching students earlier

07/14/2015 03:25 PM

DAYTON – The Dayton Independent School District has struggled for years with low test scores in its elementary, middle and high schools, but efforts are underway to change that. In August, the district will debut an all-day preschool program in an effort to give young Dayton students early childhood learning experiences which, in turn, will hopefully lead to better academic careers for students. The district has partnered with Covington based non-profit Children, Inc., which has grown to become the largest non-profit... Read more 

As components of heroin bill are implemented, lawmakers learn that there is no one size fits all when it comes to recovery

07/13/2015 05:15 PM

ERLANGER – As treatment and services are being implemented as a result of the passage of Senate Bill 192 to combat heroin abuse, the reality is there is no exact science to effectively help recovering addicts. Members of the SB 192 Implementation Oversight Committee meet in northern Kentucky, the epicenter of the heroin problem in the state, to hear from community, medical and law enforcement personnel about their efforts to assist addicts in their recovery. Michele Flowers McCarthy, corporate director of substance... Read more 

County clerks request special session; Gov. Beshear still says 'no'

07/09/2015 05:57 PM

Correction: Only 10 clerks as of Monday, July 13 have signed on to a letter calling for a special session of the legislature. FRANKFORT – Fifty-seven county clerks form every region of the commonwealth sent a formal letter to Gov. Steve Beshear on Wednesday requesting that he immediately call for a special session of the General Assembly to address issues relating to issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Casey County Clerk Casey Davis, who has stopped issuing marriage licenses altogether to avoid issuing... Read more 

Not all lawmakers confident in how compensation for engineers tabulated

07/07/2015 04:03 PM

FRANKFORT – Some lawmakers are defending raises for state engineers who are being edged out in compensation from their private sector counterparts, but not all members of a joint committee feel compensation packages are being tabulated in the correct way. The Kentucky Personnel Cabinet related to lawmakers salary break downs obtained from a January 2014 salary survey of public and private engineering salaries conducted by CompData, a national compensation survey firm, which showed Kentucky Transportation Cabinet engineer salaries far below neighboring... Read more 

Proposed legislation filed to allow clergy to not perform gay marriage in Kentucky

07/06/2015 07:00 PM

FLORENCE – A northern Kentucky legislator has pre-filed a bill which would make it clear that clergy who object to same-sex marriage for religious reasons would not be forced to perform such services. Rep. Addia Wuchner, R-Florence, filed the bill which she says is related to the exercise of religious freedom in the solemnization of marriage. “Since last week’s Supreme Court ruling that redefined marriage, I have had numerous calls and conversations with pastors and clergy serving various faith communities expressing... Read more