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Don Weber joined cn|2 when it launched back in May 2010 and soon became a reporter for Pure Politics. He is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University and has spent many years covering everything from politics to sports. Don says he loves meeting new people everyday as part of his job and also enjoys the fact that no two days are the same when he comes to work.

Ft. Thomas and Beechwood school districts a source of community pride

10/01/2015 05:30 PM

Two independent school districts in northern Kentucky, Ft. Thomas and Beechwood, were ranked as the overall top 2 school districts in the state in the just released 2014-15 state assessment rankings. Both school districts have become valuable assets in their communities and contribute to some of the highest real estate property values in the region. Ft. Thomas Independent Schools Superintendent Gene Kirchner says one of the key factors in his districts success is hiring the best faculty. “We try to get the... Read more 

Small independent school districts face enrollment challenges, but have the support of communities

09/30/2015 05:44 PM

As the number continues to dwindle due to consolidation, schools in independent school districts tend to give their students a different experience than their county counterparts. Dayton Independent Schools Superintendent Jay Brewer has spent his life in independent school districts having been a student and teacher at Ludlow; he spent 8 years as an educator in Ft. Thomas and has spent the last 4 years as superintendent at Dayton. Brewer says that one of the biggest challenges for his district,... Read more 

Crumbling infrastructure a challenge for Kentucky's state parks

09/29/2015 07:04 PM

Kentucky’s State Parks are showing the signs of years of budget cuts which has led to deferred maintenance and aging infrastructure which has led to a loss of revenue at some parks and a reduction of operating days at many others. The parks have 400 less employees that in 2007, but those employees are still doing all of the work that was done eight years ago. Department of Parks Commissioner Elaine Walker says that her employees tend to wear a lot of... Read more 

Northern Kentucky judge-executives discuss whether tolls should remain an option for new Ohio River bridge

09/29/2015 06:10 PM

ERLANGER – Judge-executives from Boone, Campbell, Kenton and Grant counties are somewhat split as to whether tolls should be part of the equation in building a new Brent Spence Bridge. The four judge-executives appeared together Tuesday morning for the annual Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce State of Northern Kentucky Address in Erlanger. Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore says that he doesn’t favor tolls, he does feel that it has to remain part of the discussion if a new bridge is to... Read more 

$240 million needed to maintain and upgrade Kentucky's state parks

09/28/2015 07:05 PM

ROUGH RIVER DAM STATE PARK — Kentucky State Park officials say as much as $240 million is needed to maintain and upgrade aging state park facilities in the next 6-year budget cycle in 2016. Kentucky State Parks Commissioner Elaine Walker painted the bleak picture for members of the Interim Committee of Tourism and Development on Monday at Rough River Dam State Resort Park. “Our infrastructure continues to deteriorate,” Walker said. “We have power outages, loss of phone and internet... Read more 

Proposed bill would end shock probation for defendants charged in DUI manslaughter and reckless homicide cases

09/25/2015 03:11 PM

LOUISVILLE – Sen. Julie Raque Adams, R-Louisville, is once again planning on filing a bill which would eliminate the possibility of shock probation in cases of manslaughter and reckless homicide, if the offender was driving while intoxicated. Raque Adams told members of the Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary on Friday in Louisville that there are currently 13 exemptions to shock probation and she believes that one should be added for a person where a DUI contributes to the death of another... Read more 

Increased internet bandwidth allows states schools to implement innovative technology to teach students

09/24/2015 02:03 PM

FRANKFORT – All of Kentucky’s public school districts have met the national goal of 100kb of internet bandwidth for each K-12 student, which has opened the door for districts to use more technology in the instruction of students. In 2014, the General Assembly appropriated $5.8 million to pay for the most recent improvements to school technology including getting to the 100kb level. It’s believed that Kentucky is the first state to reach the 100kb plateau, according to testimony during Thursday’s Interim Joint... Read more 

No premium increases or changes in healthcare coverage for state workers in 2016

09/23/2015 07:36 PM

FRANKFORT – Due to lower than planned medical and pharmacy expenses, improved member consumerism, and continued wellness participation, the Kentucky Employees Health Plan is offering members no premium increases and the same health plan options and coverage levels as their current plans. Department of Employee Insurance Commissioner Joe Cowles told members of the Interim Joint Committee on State Government on Wednesday that one of the biggest reasons for the same rates and coverage being offered is that the incurred claims... Read more 

Lawmakers look to find ways to better protect state troopers after Ponder tragedy

09/22/2015 04:11 PM

FRANKFORT – The Father of slain Kentucky State Police trooper Cameron Ponder said that if his sons cruiser had special bullet resistant windows, he could possibly still be alive. Joseph Ponder made the statement on Tuesday in Frankfort as House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, announced that he has requested that Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer come up with recommendations of how to make front line troopers safer out in the field. Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder was shot and killed while... Read more 

Adam Edelen says 3,090 sexual assault kits untested in state; calls for reforms and more funding

09/21/2015 05:54 PM

FRANKFORT – State Auditor Adam Edelen announced on Monday that 3,090 untested sexual assault evidence kits exist in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and pledged to assist in repairing a “broken system” which brings no justice to victims, jeopardizes public safety and cripples to criminal justice system. The report was the result of Senate Joint Resolution 20, passed during the 2015 General Assembly, which called on Edelen to count the untested sexual assault kits in Kentucky. 1,859 untested sexual assault kits were found... Read more